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What Is a Spinal Decompression?


Spinal Decompression heals without drugs or surgery by using a gentle, relaxing, and very effective treatment. The machine works by slowly expanding the space between the vertebrae in the back and neck. This creates a negative pressure that allows a disc to fall back into its proper place. At the same time, decompressing the spine also increases blood flow to the affected discs, which speeds healing, and encourages the regeneration of new cartilage, so the disc stays in its correct place without the need for surgical intervention to keep it there.


Why Spinal Decompression?


Spinal decompressions can be very useful for treating low back pain and sciatica. Here are several reasons to consider this treatment:

  • Promotes mobility of the lower back, allowing for improved athletic performance

  • Drug-free, natural treatment that uses holistic methods, which means no expensive medications or long recovery time from surgery

  • This chiropractic technique can treat a variety of conditions and injuries, ranging from spinal pain to hip injuries, neck pain, and sciatica pain

  • A return to an active lifestyle after months or years of chronic pain


Spinal Decompression Benefits


Spinal decompression has an excellent success rate. We offer this amazing spinal decompression machine to treat and give relief for pain from such things as:

  • Crushed, bulging, protruding and/or herniated discs

  • Sciatica pain

  • Neck pain

  • Pain from spinal stenosis

  • Pain from degenerative disk disease

  • Hip pain

  • Headaches from misaligned disks

  • Leg and arm pain from misaligned disks

  • Limited range of motion from misaligned disks


Many patients who have had pain and numbness in their back and extremities for years have been to orthopedists, neurologists, neurosurgeons and other specialists, and still did not receive relief from their issues until they came to Barrett Spinal Care and received spinal decompression therapy.  It works well, it works quickly, and it works when other methods do not. It also produces long lasting results, and does so safely, painlessly, and non-invasively. It is an ideal solution for most of your back and extremity pain and numbness issues.


The efficacy of this treatment is proven through MRI scans done after treatment. The MRI results clearly show the discs being back in their correct positions without surgery. This method is so gentle and effective, it can safely be done on almost anyone, even people with arthritis or degenerative disk disease of the spine.


Learn more about the evidence of the effectiveness of spinal decompression in this video by a Radiologist, Dr. Terry Yochum.  In the video he presents how the body heals after spinal decompression through MRI scans.


If you’re ready to receive spinal decompressions and spinal corrections in Tahlequah, contact us today!

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