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We believe in the power of upper cervical chiropractic, but don’t take our word for it. Read what others have experienced in the reviews below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions that we can answer.



It’s amazing to find a doctor who genuinely cares and listens. He makes you feel like you’re his only patient and that your health is a high priority. Wonderful staff who is friendly and helpful.


– Jennie L.



Our family has seen such huge improvements from our treatment at Barrett Spinal Care! We’ve been patients for over 10 years and will never go anywhere else. We have to travel nearly 2 hours to see him, but it is worth it for the care we get from him and the warm reception we always receive from Megan and the rest of his office staff.

I used to have a constant dull ache in my upper back and headaches a few times a week. Dr. Barrett had confidence he could help even when I was hesitant that neither would ever be gone, just maybe more manageable. I now only rarely have either, and they just remind me that I am out of alignment. After a quick adjustment, they are gone again for months or longer.

My 8 year old son battled reflux, asthma and multiple allergies, which we had tried nearly everything on, and had been on as many as 8 prescription medications trying to manage. He finally agreed to sit still for Dr. Ryan to see what he could do. We did weekly adjustments for a few weeks and then biweekly for a few weeks and then monthly. 6 months later he was off ALL prescription meds and cleared of asthma and reflux and released from his specialists’ care.

This is the best place to get care; not only will you get amazing chiropractic treatment, but the whole office actually cares. They care who you are and how you’re feeling. That’s hard to find these days. When you find someone who’s genuinely concerned, you know you’ve found a match for life.


– Amy B.


Dr Barrett is a wonderful man. Not only does he know his specialty, he treats you like he has known you for a long time. Very caring, very true to his Faith in God. Very professional staff. I have found great relief from spinal pain from an accident. I am able to sleep at night without pain.


– Elizabeth B.


Dr. Barrett is one of the kindest and most loving men I know. Thanks to the care my wife received in his office she no longer has headaches everyday and all of her digestive issues are gone. Not only did Dr. Barrett give my wife her quality of life back, he is the reason I went to Chiropractic school. My family loves the man and we would highly recommended anyone who is looking for a natural way to help your body heal to go and see Dr. Barrett and his incredible staff!


– Jacob D.


Dr. Barrett is a wonderful and gifted doctor and his staff is wonderful. He has helped my family tremendously over the last several years. I trust and depend on the care I receive and never hesitate to recommend him to others. Thank you Barrett Spinal Care!!!!!


– Shivani C.


I suffered from migraines before I went to Barrett Spinal Care. I would wake up with a headache every morning and nothing would give me any relief. But now that I see Dr Barrett I no longer have to suffer and be in pain. Would highly recommend!


– Haley G.


As a physical therapist, I am always willing to find adjunct practitioners that can be team players in our patients care. Dr. Barrett did a great job in addressing my concerns with a holistic approach and I would recommend him to anyone!


– Christy W.


Dr. Barrett provided the type of care I actually needed instead of just setting me up for a long series of treatments that masked the problem. And on the occasion when I came in feeling good and in alignment, he didn’t adjust me (most doctors would have). He’s very personable and easy to talk to, which is important to me and his staff are always so friendly. I would highly recommend him as he is the only Chiropractor I’ve ever been to and actually seen results!


– Joann J.


I have been to a couple chiropractors and they popped me all over, but it never fixed my problems like the way Dr. Barrett did. Not only did he make my back feel better but he also made me feel comfortable. I recommend Dr. Barrett to anyone suffering from back pain. I’m sad that I no longer live in Tahlequah now but I know I’ll be back to visit.

– Jessica B.






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