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NUCCA is a little known yet highly effective corrective procedure that has been developed and refined for over fifty years by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA).  The NUCCA chiropractic method is a gentle and safe form of chiropractic care, with a focus on long-lasting results. The procedure focuses on correcting the entire spine back to a balanced, unstressed position.  This reactivates the transmission of healing messages from the brain to the affected part of the body (via the nervous system) so the body’s natural self-healing process can begin.

The NUCCA Difference

What makes NUCCA such a unique treatment?

  • NUCCA is gentle and specific. Not only is the NUCCA spinal correction extremely precise, it uses the least force of any chiropractic technique. There is no twisting, popping or cracking of the neck or back.

  • NUCCA is highly effective.

  • Because of the precise nature of the NUCCA spinal correction, patients are able hold their corrections for longer periods of time compared to traditional chiropractic methods. This allows for better recovery and lasting results with fewer office visits.

  • The NUCCA spinal correction is a scientifically-based, thoroughly researched and well-documented approach to health. NUCCA uses a series of precise x-rays to calculate how to best adjust and correct each patient’s individual misalignment.

  • An anatometer, which is a sophisticated postural observation tool, is used to measure body distortion before and after each correction is made.

The NUCCA Approach to Body Balance

Accidents and injuries throughout our lives can tear loose the connective tissue that holds our spinal joints together. In an effort to keep the head centered over the neck, the body will compensate and move into an imbalanced, stressed position. This imbalance shows up with one of the legs being longer or shorter, one hip higher or lower, one shoulder higher or lower, twisting of the body framework, muscular imbalance, abnormal movement, and over time progressive wear and tear.


NUCCA recognizes that this body position can cause stress, tension and pressure on the musculoskeletal system and the entire nervous system, most importantly the brain stem and spinal cord. Our body constantly shuttles millions of electrical and chemical impulses back and forth from our brain to every cell of our body through the vast network of our nervous system. Any restriction or distortion of these messages (nerve impulses) can affect body function. (Many of these messages are unconscious such as breathing, digestion, and circulation.) If this distortion is not corrected, the long-term effect is degeneration to that part of the body serviced by those restricted messages.  This results in mild to severe pain, lowered resistance to illness, behavioral changes, organ dysfunction, loss of mobility in limbs, and ultimately disease.


Dr. Barrett understands and works to address these alignment issues with the NUCCA spinal correction. The main objective of Dr. Barrett is to restore the entire spine back to a balanced, unstressed position because this re-empowers the nervous system and the body’s ability to function at its full potential. With the NUCCA spinal correction, the spinal column remains straight and balanced where the weight of the head is centered over the neck.


By utilizing a formula calculated from the patient’s x-rays,Dr. Barrett will apply a slight, pre-determined pressure just below the tip of the ear at the atlas vertebrae (first neck vertebrae) to gently re-position the head over the center of the neck. This NUCCA re-positioning is what restores body balance and removes brain stem compression. Immediately, muscles begin to relax, blood and oxygen circulation is increased, healing messages are transmitted from the brain to the affected area and the body’s self-healing process begins. The NUCCA spinal correction requires NO FORCEFUL TWISTING, POPPING, OR CRACKING, and is barely felt by the patient.  For more information, go to

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QSM3 (Quantum Spinal Mechanics 3) is at present the progressive upper cervical chiropractic procedure. It was founded on the principles of traditional upper cervical procedures but with the vision to advance the corrective technical approach into the 21st Century. It is science-based, precise, and dedicated to the continued advancement of the works of Palmer, Grostic, and Gregory.


Its model to correct the degenerative effects of spinal misalignment is the future of our profession and the foundation of health.

The doctors of QSM3 look beyond the traditional model of its predecessors by an advanced analysis of the whole human frame from pelvis to skull. This comprehensive approach brings more specificity in an attempt to reduce spinal corrections and optimize results. QSM3 incorporates the traditional atlas subluxation complex (ASC) as its cornerstone but searches further. This full posture technique restores the body to its highest mechanical potential.


Upper Cervical Progressive Chiropractic has always had the goal to restore the body to its orthogonal position. The QSM3 procedure is a progression of these great chiropractic works. For more information go to

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