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Our goal is to serve you in the best way we possibly can. During your first visit we want to make sure that we answer any questions you have about the procedures used in our office and accurately determine if Upper Cervical Chiropractic care can help you.


When you arrive at our office you will be asked to complete a health history questionnaire which will give Dr.


Barrett more information about what you are currently dealing with and have dealt with in the past.

Following this you will meet with the doctor for a detailed health history and spinal examination. Your examination will include orthopedic and neurologic evaluations, vital signs, and a postural evaluation consisting of a supine leg check and postural measurements taken on an Anatometer.  The Anatometer measurements include a high/low hip, pelvic rotation, body lean to the right or left, and head tilting to one side. You will not need to disrobe during the examination. After your spinal examination, the doctor will inform you whether you are a candidate for care. This concludes the consultation portion of your visit. If you decide to continue with care further examination would then be required which consists of specific upper cervical x-rays.


Once x-rays are complete, Dr. Barrett will analyze your films and go over your exam findings to determine a precise calculation for correcting your spinal misalignment.


Dr. Barrett will then spend time with you going over your exam and x-ray findings. He will identify any problem areas with you and ensure that you completely understand the findings from your x-rays. You will then receive your first spinal correction. You will lie either on your right or left side and the doctor will apply a slight amount of pressure just below the tip of your ear. The adjustment is so gentle that most patients are unaware that the adjustment is actually being made. Again, there is absolutely no twisting, popping, or cracking of the spine.

Following the treatment, the doctor will re-measure you using the Anatometer.  Finally, you will receive instructions explaining how to best protect and maintain your new correction.

You should plan on approximately 1 ½  hours for this first visit.




Each follow up visit will consist of closely monitoring your progression with care.  This is done primarily through one-on-one dialogue with Dr. Barrett and staff, postural measurements and palpatory examination.

Because each spinal correction and healing response is unique to the individual, you will be monitored closely with follow-up visits. These visits help ensure the spinal correction is maintained for as long as possible as the healing process continues.


Recovery continues as long as the adjustment or correction holds and optimal spinal balance is maintained. Further adjustments are only given when the body demonstrates a sufficient misalignment is present. It’s helpful to remember: Healing is a process, not an event.

Additionally, any necessary procedures will be performed to help us meet our objective goals for your improved health.

You should plan on approximately 10-20 minutes for follow-up visits unless told otherwise.

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